Wondering how to keep your virtual team engaged and motivated, even as they log in remotely? These virtual team building activities can help you do that.
Plus Works finds, verifies and shortlists the most skilled freelancers from around the globe, to create a highly exclusive pool of talent.
Check out this blog for our most common freelancer FAQs and how to get started on the platform. We will be covering, as a freelancer, how to set up your account on TalentDesk.io, work on projects, raise your worksheets and expenses, payments, support and more.
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Remote working took over the world in 2020. But while some companies have adapted seamlessly, others have struggled. Here are some of our top tips to work smarter whilst working remotely.
What a year it's been. Despite the many challenges that we've faced during 2020, TalentDesk has continued to grow at a fantastic rate. That's why we've felt it's time for our freshen our brand with a new logo for the new year.
Our client SchoolKit supports and trains schools, districts, and states to help students meet college and career-ready standards. To find out how using TalentDesk has transformed the way they operate and helped them scale, check out our case study with SchoolKit's Director of Operations and Innovation, Anders.
Clickoo are a specialist PPC agency working, with freelancers and paid media experts to create localised content for multilingual client campaigns. Check out this case study for more on how they have been using TalentDesk.io to transform the way they manage and pay their freelancers.
From startup to large companies, freelancers are helping to kickstart projects, fill in skills gaps and assist in company growth.